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‘Our mission is to give disabled people, freedom through surfing. It’s a simple one, we know. But it’s powerful’

Adaptive Surfing South Africa

‘Surfing is a freedom of expression which only a surfer can know, it is not something easily described, but rather felt when riding a wave’

Reef South Africa


We aim to empower differently abled people through this design competition:

The winning wetsuit design will be available to anyone for manufacture worldwide

Creating awareness around adaptive surfing-increasing the stoke!


If you are a designer seeking a purpose driven project, and you feel you would like to use your creative skills to make a difference, then this is the competition for you.

Choose one of the below two disability categories and solve the wetsuit design challenges for the chosen category:

a) Amputee without a prosthetic; amputee with a prosthetic

b) Paraplegic; quadriplegic

See requirements for a successful entry


1ST PLACE : Reef South Africa prize worth R5000 and the wetsuit will be manufactured and given to an adaptive surfer in need!

2ND PLACE : Reef South Africa Prize worth R2500

3RD PLACE : Reef South Africa Prize worth R1000 


Competition commences: 10:00am, 15 January 2018




Collaborating partner

‘At Adaptive (Para) Surfing South Africa we involve people who involve themselves.  Megan from Create4 is one of those people who has involved herself in a big way!

When she first told us about her idea to run a competition that would improve the designs of adaptive wetsuits, using the collective talent and creativity of South Africa’s design community…we jumped at it!

Adaptive Surfing South Africa has two main guiding principles:

  1. To show people with disabilities that surfing is a possibility for them.
  2. To make it easier for people with disabilities so go surfing.

Megan’s design competition fits perfectly with both those principles and we look forward to working with her and Create4 on other projects as well!’



‘We at Reef over the years have adapted many wetsuits to fit the needs of adaptive surfers to give them a better fit and feel to protect them against the elements.

We believe the collaboration will help identify, inform and bring awareness to the difficulties adaptive surfers face daily. Hopefully together we will be able to come up with a design, which will be able to be used all over the world.’

‘We are looking for an innovative design / concept which we can use, build on, in order to make the best possible wetsuit’



In no particular order, the design entry must contain the following to qualify for selection:

Please note, all entries must be in English.


  • Designers name
  • State the disability category you have designed for
  • Home town
  • Delivery address that the ReefSA prize will be sent to should you be chosen as a winner
  • Contact number
  • Email
  • Current employer/business/educational institution
  • Date entry submitted
  • Follow us on Instagram:
    and if you post about the competition please use the hashtags
    #create4adaptivesurfing #reefwetsuits #reefsouthafrica

Technical Specifications

  • Minimum three A3 pages, maximum four A3 pages to be submitted
  • Minimum five/maximum eight vector drawings
  • Minimum amount of five drawings from different angles:
    a) 1 selling image
    b) 1 front elevation
    c) 1 side elevation
    d) 1 back elevation
    e) 1 detailed drawing showing function of the design
  • We will only accept vector drawings/EPS (indestructible vector file/Encapsulated PostScript)-programs that work are Adobe illustrator and Corel Draw
  • Preferably a scale of 10mm=1cm for vector drawings
  • All designs must be submitted in a file size less than 50 megabytes
  • It must be made out of neoprene
  • It must keep the surfer’s entire body warm when surfing
  • It must be designed for cold water
  • It must not contain any form of flotation in design
  • Cost effective to manufacture


Explain your designs functionality and the problems you have solved with reference to the design category chosen (minimum 40-maximum 150 words).

If you worked with or were inspired by an adaptive surfer, include a background story about the surfer and why you think the designs are effective.


Grant Stringer

Director at ReefSA

‘I will be looking for a clean functional design which can be produced at a low cost in order to make the wetsuit more affordable for athletes’

Bruno Hansen

3x world champion in Adaptive surfing for the Prone division

‘I will be looking for simplicity and ease, for someone with limited mobility and muscle function to put on and take off the wetsuit un-aided, as well as protective padding in the right places’

Jean Paul Veaudry

Bronze Medalist 2016 World Champs – AS1 Division

‘The wetsuit design should look good, whilst keeping you warm and above all, be practical and easy to enter & exit’

Roxy Davis

Owner of Surf Emporium, Adaptive Surfing Coach, ISA (International Surfing Association) Level 2 Surf Coach and ISA Course Facilitator 

‘I am looking for innovation, creativity, out the box thinking that will ensure students learning to surf will be able to easily get into a wetsuit. You need to ensure that all disabilities are covered when designing this wetsuit. We want the easiest part of the surfing experience to be putting on the wetsuit!’

Michelle Hoch

 Creative Director

‘I’ll be looking for bravery and talent!’


Entries only taken from 15 January 2018 – 21 April 2018




Entrants are to submit Terms and Conditions and design entry via link on website:

In submitting the Registration Application, the Entrant fully and unreservedly agrees to all the Terms and Conditions as stated below:


  1. This competition is for the design of a wetsuit based on an adaptive surfer’s needs.

Should CRE84 select your design as the winner of this competition, your design will be manufactured by REEFSA and REEFSA will provide a REEFSA prize valued at R5000 (five thousand rand).

If you’re delivery address is in South Africa, REEFSA will deliver this prize and the cost involved to the given address. If you are an international entrant, CRE84 will deliver this prize and Triggerfish will cover the cost involved;

Should CRE84 select your design as second place of this competition, REEFSA will provide a REEFSA prize valued at R2500 (two thousand five hundred rand).

If you’re delivery address is in South Africa, REEFSA will deliver this prize and the cost involved to the given address. If you are an international entrant, CRE84 will deliver this prize and Triggerfish will cover the cost involved;

Should CRE84 select your design as third place of this competition, REEFSA will provide a REEFSA prize valued at R1000 (one thousand rand).

If you’re delivery address is in South Africa, REEFSA will deliver this prize and the cost involved to the given address. If you are an international entrant, CRE84 will deliver this prize and Triggerfish will cover the cost involved;

2. The commencement date is the 15th of January 2018 at 10h00 am and the deadline for all entries is on the 21st of April 2018 at 10h00am. REEFSA and CRE84 reserves the right to extend the competition deadline at its discretion. If there is a revision, the revised date will be published on the website and the date for announcing the results will be postponed accordingly;

3. To enter the competition, you need to design a wetsuit to be made by REEFSA. Design a wetsuit that you think incorporates the design requirements set out in the design brief that is found on website: Submit your designs via link on website:

4. All designs must be submitted to link on website:, only in pdf format and in a file size less than 50 megabytes;

5. Entries must be entirely your own original work and must not breach or be in violation of any copyright or other protected rights of third parties. REEFSA and CRE84 will not, in any way, be held liable for any non-original work submitted by you. You hereby agree to indemnify and hold REEFSA and CRE84 harmless from any such claim. All entries must be suitable for publication on the website and public viewing. The design must not include any defamatory, offensive or unlawful content;

  1. If you wish to enter this competition, you must provide REEFSA and CRE84 with your full name, current residential address, delivery address for the REEFSA prize, telephone number and email address. REEFSA and CRE84 will only use your personal details for the purposes of administering this competition and, except your full name, will not publish such information or provide such information to anyone without first obtaining your permission;

7. A minimum of one entry and maximum of four entries will be accepted per person. If a person submits three or four entries, there can be a maximum of 2 entries per category (A and B) below:

  1. a) amputees without prosthetics; amputees with prosthetics
  2. b) paraplegics; quadriplegics.

8. Entries cannot be returned so remember to keep a copy. Please also keep a higher resolution version of the entry. If selected as the winner, we will ask you to provide this copy.

9. The winner will be selected by taking into consideration the criteria set out below. REEFSA and CRE84 reserves the right to use any subjective criteria it so chooses in selecting a winner who adheres to and includes all the design brief requirements, as follows:

a) The design illustrates effectively how the designs solve the difficulties an adaptive surfer faces when: putting on the wetsuit; while surfing wearing the wetsuit; when removing the wetsuit. Must illustrate this with reference to which one of the four disability categories were chosen.

b) The design is functional and comfortable for an adaptive surfer

c) The design is concise, clear and beautifully presented

d) The design is both strong and imaginative.

10. The entrants hereby acknowledge and irrevocably agree that, in lieu of the prizes referred to here-in-below, the winner of the competition shall forfeit any and all rights in respect of the wetsuit design and related intellectual property. The entrants agree that either REEFSA, CRE84 or any other third party where-so-ever they may be situated shall be entitled to utilize the winning design for manufacturing purposes, and the winning entrant shall have no recourse whatsoever to any remuneration in respect thereof from any of the aforementioned parties, or any third party which may utilize the submitted winning design.

11. The decision of the Judges is final and binding on all parties.

12. The final designs chosen are subject to possible changes by REEFSA and CRE84.

13. The winner will be announced on the CRE84 website and shared across social networks of CRE84, REEFSA and Adaptive Surfing South Africa.

14. The winner will receive a prize from REEFSA worth R5000 (five thousand rand).

The winning design will be manufactured by REEFSA. REEFSA will be able to change the design if needed. REEFSA and CRE84 will decide which surfer the wetsuit will be given to.

The second place will receive a prize from REEFSA worth R2500 (two thousand five hundred rand).

The third place will receive a prize from REEFSA worth R1000 (one thousand rand).

All entrants must provide a valid postal delivery address so that the prizes can be sent to them. If you have an international postal address, CRE84 will post the prize to the winner, second place and third place within 120 working days of announcing the winner.

If you have a South African postal address, REEFSA will post the prize to the winner, second place and third place within 60 working days of announcing the winner. If you have a postal address outside of South Africa, CRE84 will post the prize to the winner.

15. The prize is not redeemable for cash.

16. REEFSA and CRE84 do not accept any responsibility for late or lost entries regardless of the reason. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt.

17. Entrants must supply full details as required in entering the competition, and comply with all the terms and conditions herein in order to be eligible for the prize. Neither REEFSA nor CRE84 will accept any responsibility for the ineligibility of entrants or entries made fraudulently.

18. The competition may be cancelled, or the terms and conditions hereof amended, at the sole discretion of REEFSA and CRE84 for any reason and at any time.

19. This competition is administered by CRE84.

20. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa. Please note that international entries are allowed.

 21. Entrant must be at least 16 (sixteen) years or older to be eligible to enter this competition.

 22. REEFSA and CRE84 Design Brief and requirements will be accessible on the website:



The entrant hereby submits a wetsuit design (the “Wetsuit Design”) for the Design Competition (the “Competition”), attesting that the Design is the undersigned’s original work and not a copy of anyone else’s work.

The entrant has read and agrees to the Terms and Conditions of the Design Competition, which Terms and Conditions are incorporated herein by reference.

For no additional consideration, the entrant agrees to sign such additional documents as may be required to vest title in and to the Design in Corporation.


Can I submit multiple entries?

Yes, you may send in multiple entries. Please submit entries separately for review.

If I submit multiple entries, can I submit two or more from the same disability category?

You can only submit 2 entries per category. Maximum 2 entries for category A and a maximum of 2 entries for category B.

If I want to contact an adaptive surfer or need to ask more questions about specific challenges faced by adaptive surfers regarding wetsuit design, where can I find this information?

Read our blog for insight into the 2 design categories, click HERE

For questions and/or if you would like to be paired with an adaptive surfer, click HERE

Will I still own the rights to my design?

You will no longer own the rights to your design if you are chosen as the winner of the competition. No-one will own the rights and It will be available to anyone for manufacture, worldwide. We would like the wetsuit to be available to as many adaptive surfers as possible. so that more adaptive surfers will have access to the wetsuit.

What are the most important points to note about the design specifications for the wetsuit?

It must be made out of neoprene; must not have any form of flotation device on wetsuit; wetsuit must cover the surfer’s entire body; must address the specific needs of the adaptive surfer and clearly illustrate how the design does this.

For the full detailed specifications, see the Terms and Conditions.